Purification mask application solution

In recent years, frequent haze weather in cities has caused poor air quality and seriously affected people's health. For the sake of people's bodies, some mask industries have begun to use purifying mask fans to purify the air. In order to show more quality products in the sight of the public, the quality of the micro fan must be guaranteed.

Haixinghe is a manufacturer of micro fans. Nine years of production and development experience has allowed the company's heat dissipation products to have a certain degree of substitution in the market. According to the structure of the micro mask fan, the source of wind can develop a micro fan that meets the uninterrupted operation requirements of the mask. Let your products have safety, good purification and other heat dissipation products.
Model Bearing Rated Voltage Startup Voltage Current Power Speed Air Flow Static Pressure Noise
Part NO. Function System VDC VDC A W RPM M3/min CFM mmH2O INH2O dBA
HBH0305MQ   Hydraulic 5 4.0 0.15 0.75 6500 0.03 1.12 3.28 0.13 18.7




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