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Static pressure unit

N:Newton, 1n=0.101097Kgf
Pa:Pascal, Pa=N/m^2
mmAq:Aq=Short for Aqua (water column)
    mmAq is also called mmH2O; 1mmAq=1Kg/m^2
atm: Atmospheric pressure; Atmospheric pressure is equal to the pressure of 760mmHg in a dry state at 0°C.
   Because the weight of mercury is 13.5947 times that of water, the atmospheric pressure is equal to the pressure of 10332mmH2O
bar: 1 bar=0.00001Pa=10-5Pa

Static pressure gauge
Pa mmH2O inH2O mmHg Kgf/cm∧2 atm bar Lbf/in∧2
1 0.10197 4.017mili 7.5mili 10.197μ 9.869μ 10μ 14.5mili
9.80665 1 39.39mili 73.558mili 100μ 96.78μ 98.06μ 1.422mili
249 25.4 1 1.8683 2.54mili 2.46mili 2.49mili 36.1mili
133.228 13.5947 0.535 1 1.359mili 1.358mili 1.3332mili 10.337mili
98.0665k 10k 393.7 990.1 1 0.9678 0.980665 14.2234
101.325k 101.332k 407.1 1023 1.03323 1 1.0325 14.696
100k 10.197k 401.8 1009.62 1.01972 0.986923 1 14.5038
6.895k 703.1 27.686 69.61 70.31mili 68.05mili 68.95mili 1
1 in=25.4mm;1Lb=445g;k=1000;mili=0.001;μ=0.000001
T[°C] 32 36 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Ps[mmHg] 35.76 44.57 55.3 92.5 149.5 234 355 526 760
Air volume unit

The air flow inhaled by the blower per unit time is called Air volume (Air quantity), usually Q (m*3/min) is used as the gas volume. When air is inhaled, it is specifically called the air volume. It is also called in the case of fans Air volume. (Capacity) The volume of gas changes according to its pressure and temperature, so when referring to the amount of discharged air, the pressure and temperature of the place must be noted, so it is called the amount of inhaled air.
*Standard air: humid air with temperature 20°C, atmospheric pressure 760mmHg, humidity 65% ​​is standard air, and the weight per unit volume (also called specific weight) is L2Kg/m*3
*Standard air: Humid air with temperature O°C, atmospheric pressure 760mmHg and humidity 0% is standard air. At this time, the weight per unit volume of air (also called specific weight) is 1.293Kg/m*3. Expressed in Nm*3/min