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About air volume
Overview of fan characteristic testing

Fan characteristic test:

According to AMCA 210-85 "Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Rating" test specification. Place the fan at the wind tunnel opening as shown in the sketch, the wind blows into the wind tunnel, the air volume and static pressure are tested at various measurement points in the flow field, and the measured data are compiled by the computer to draw the characteristic diagram and data.

Fan parallel analysis

It can be seen from this figure that the air volume of the fans in parallel is increased, but the static pressure is unchanged; if the system impedance is low, the parallel mode can be used.
※Our company does not recommend using fans in series.

Air volume unit

. CFS: Cubic Feet Per Second, cubic feet per second (ft3/s)
. CFM: Cubic Feet Per Minute, cubic feet per minute (ft3/min)
. CMS: Cubic Meter Per Second, cubic meters per second (m3/s)
. CMM: Cubic Meter Per Minute, cubic meters per minute (m3/min)
. CMH: Cubic Meter Per Hour, cubic meters per hour (m3/h)
. L/s: Liter Per Second, liters per second (L/s)
. L/min: Liter Per Minute, liters per minute (L/min)

Air volume conversion table
1 60 1k 60k 3.6k 35.3 2.118k
0.0167 1 16.7 1k 60 0.588 35.35
1mili 0.06 1 60 3.6 0.0353 2.118
16.7μ 1mili 0.0167 1 0.06 588μ 0.0353
277μ 0.0167 0.277 16.7 1 9.81mili 0.588
0.0283 1.698 28.3 1.69k 101.9 1 60
0.47mili 0.0283 0.472 28.3 1.698 0.167 1